A Session with me will be all about you and your tribe, leaving all distractions behind to capture what makes your family sparkle! Imagine flipping through these photos down the road, recalling how your little one played with your hair or how your partner gazed into your eyes. Don’t worry I'll guide you with prompts to inspire natural smiles, laughs and expressions. 
Buckle up, because this isn't your typical "say cheese" photoshoot. While we'll grab a few classic shots, most of the magic will be capturing your real interactions – from belly laughs to meaningful gazes shared between you all. 

See your family's story through my lens

A Short Story-
This session is for you if you only want a few digitals and money is tight. 

Your children must be older and will follow direction well and move quickly. This session will be fast paced, short and sweet. 

The Main Story-
This session is for you if you want the full hour, and the best bang for your buck.

This will allow plenty of time for kids who may need some time to warm up, or if you have a group of 4 or more.

*Not recommend for families of 4 or more in attendance.

The Full Story-
This session is for you if you want extra time, the full gallery and a customized luxury printed album!

*Recommended for Everyone.

*Recommended for anyone who likes to be extra.

“Family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

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