DFW wedding

💍 Marriage is like a black and white photograph

by Tesla burkett

June 11, 2024

There is light, dark and a million shades between. It’s beautiful and its ugly… It’s growing together, molding and morphing into one. The journey is ✨magical, when you find the right person to spend it with!

💗 Along the way, you’ll encounter challenges that test your bond, but each obstacle overcome only strengthens the connection you share. You’ll create memories, some filled with laughter and joy, others with tears and lessons. These moments become the threads that weave the intricate tapestry of your life together.

DFW wedding
Tarrant County Courthouse

In the end, marriage is not just a union of two people, but a journey of growth, love, and companionship. It’s a promise to stand by each other’s side, to cherish the good times, and to weather the storms together. And when you find the right person, it truly is a beautiful adventure worth embarking on.

Congratulations Lucy + Tucker! I wish you all the happiness and a billion more beautiful moments together! ♥️

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